Account Policy

HPC/HPS accounts are available for all University faculty, staff and students for the purpose of research. All accounts must be sponsored by a University of Wyoming Principal Investigator (PI). Sponsorship gives permission to each user to use the HPC/HPS resource allocations of the sponsor. PI’s can sponsor multiple users. Users can be sponsored by multiple PI’s. HPC/HPS resource allocations are granted to PI’s. Users utilize resources from their sponsor’s allocations.

  • All HPC accounts are for academic purposes only.
  • Commercial activities are prohibited
  • Password sharing and all other forms of account sharing are prohibited
  • Account holders found to be circumventing the system policies and procedures will have their accounts locked or removed

All HPC accounts can be requested through the ARCC Access Request Form.

For questions about HPC account procedures not addressed below, please contact


  • Principal Investigator (PI) Accounts: a faculty member who has an extended-term position with UW (e.g. not Adjunct Faculty)
  • Sponsored Researcher: a person who has a relationship with a faculty member of UW (e.g. Student/Graduate Assistants and Faculty, or Researcher from another Institution)
  • System Accounts: a staff member who has a permanent relationship with UW

Account Types

PI accounts
PI accounts are for individual PI’s only. These accounts are for research only and are not to be shared with anyone else. These accounts are subject to periodic review and can be deleted if the account holders change their University affiliation or fail to comply with UW and ARCC account policies.

Sponsored accounts
PI’s may sponsor any number of accounts but these accounts must be used for research only. UW faculty are responsible for all of their sponsored account users. These accounts are subject to periodic review and will be deleted if the sponsoring faculty or the account holders change their University affiliation or fail to comply with UW and ARCC account policies.

Instructional accounts
PI’s may sponsor HPC accounts and projects for instructional purposes on the ARCC systems by submitting a request through the ARCC Access Request Form.
Instructional requests are subject to denial only when the proposed use is inappropriate for the systems and/or when the instructional course would require resources that exceed available capacity on the systems or substantially interfere with research computations.  HPC accounts for instructional purposes will be added by the Sponsor into a separate group created with the 'class group' designation.  Class group membership is to be sponsored for one semester and the Sponsor will remove the group at the end of the semester.  Class/Instructional group jobs should only be submitted to the 'class' queue, which will be equivalent in priority to the 'windfall' queue, and only available on the appropriate nodes of the ARCC systems

System Accounts
System accounts are for staff members who have a permanent relationship with UW and are responsible for system administration.

Account Lifecycle

Account Creation
ARCC HPC/HPS accounts will be created to match existing UWYO accounts whenever possible.
PI’s may request accounts for existing projects/allocations or courses.

Account Renewal

Account Transfer
A PI who is leaving the project or the University can request that their data be transferred to a new PI. Any non-PI accounts can be transferred from one PI’s zone of control to another as necessary as students move working from one researcher to another. Account transfer requests will also made by contacting the Help Desk (766-4357).

Account Termination
The VP of Research, the University and UW CIO, and University Provost comprise the University of Wyoming’s Research Computing Executive Steering Committee (UW-ESC). The UW-ECS will govern the termination of Research Computing accounts, following other University policy as needed. Non-PI accounts may be terminated at the request of the UW-ESC. Any users found in violation of this Research Computing Allocation Policy or any other Policies (point to UW Policies) may have access to their accounts suspended for review by the Director of Research Support, IT and the UW-ESC.