The ARCC Faculty Advisory Committee (ARCC-FAC) meets quarterly to advise the ARCC on operations and strategic decisions regarding ARCC facilities, policy, and upgrades. The next FAC meeting will be held Summer 2015.  Minutes from previous meetings are available by clicking on the meeting date:
 July 29, 2015,
 April 16, 2015.


The current members of the Faculty Advisory Committee are:


Saman Aryana, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering
Alex Buerkle, Associate Professor, Evolutionary Genetics
Jeff Clune, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Hannah Jang-Condell, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Jan Kubelka, Associate Professor, Physical Chemistry
Xiaohong Liu, Wyoming Excellence Chair in Climate Science
Dimitri Mavriplis,, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Fred Ogden, Professor of Civil Engineering
Bryan Shader, Professor of Mathematics
Zachary Lebo, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Science