ARCC FAC Meeting July 2015

Minutes for ARCC FAC meeting July 29, 2015


Present:  Dimitri Mavriplis, Alex Buerkle, Hannah Congden-Jang, Dane Skow, Jeff Lang, Jared Baker



Status of Moran/BigHorn

petaLibrary update

Mount Hunt procurement update

CC*DNI Award expected

RHEL 7 training discussion

Applications support discussion




Moran has been very busy, but performance has been acceptable. Preemption has been working as expected. $HOME will be reconfigured with SSD's and smaller block sizes. Disk quota usage reports will be circulated to arcc-announce with request to clean up file count. We will try "public shame" before invoking inode quotas.

Research Services is going ahead with an RFP for petaLibrary equipment. Beta service is in operation today. Targetting $100/TB/yr for 5 year leases, $2000/TB for perpetual storage. https access to data was requested as a base service.

Discussion of applications support had the following conclusions:

  1. APRS positions are being used today for application support personnel. Consider making part of the science initiative.
  2. Engineering group position might be used to seed a position in either IT or academic home.