ARCC Policies

These policies and procedures are intended to ensure that ARCC HPC facilities are fairly shared, effectively used, and support the University of Wyoming’s research programs that rely on computational facilities not available elsewhere at the University.


  • Cluster: a assembly of computational hardware designed and configured to function together as a single system, much the way neurons work together to form a brain.
  • Condo: a computational resource that is shared among many users. Condo compute resources are used simultaneously by multiple users.
  • HPC: high performance computing. Generally refers to systems that perform parallel processes at a level above a teraflop or 1012 floating-point operations per second.
  • HPS: high performance storage system, usually a tiered system with media covering a range of speeds to optimize performance while reducing cost.
  • Customer: a person, or group to whom ARCC provides a service.

Acknowledgement Policy: describes and explains the requirement to acknowledge ARCC and UW support for research.
Account Policy: describes the procedure for establishing HPC accounts.
Job Scheduling Policy: describes the logic and structure of the queues on Mount Moran.
Software Policy: defines the ARCC’s software policy regarding software acquisition, installation, and support.
Storage Policy: discusses the structure and protocols of the Bighorn storage system.