ARCC Service Catalog

This catalog defines and categorizes ARCC’s service offerings so that users can easily identify services that will support their research and educational endeavors.

The purpose of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) below is to document support provided for all ARCC services in the Global Service Levels, document the service provided in the individual Service Descriptions and any optional customer specific requirements (additions or changes) in the Addendum. However, if there are any differences, information documented in the SLA Addendum takes precedence over the information stated in the Global Service Levels and/or the Service Description.

For more information about a service or if you would like to request a service, please contact the IT Service Desk at (307) 766-4357 or


  • “Best Effort” basis: generally, this is a level of effort that is constrained by an individual’s unaided ability. It is the best result that can be attained with no additional inputs of money, time, training or expertise.
  • Cluster: a assembly of computational hardware designed and configured to function together as a single system, much the way neurons work together to form a brain.
  • Condo: a computational resource that is shared among many users. Condo compute resources are used simultaneously by multiple users.
  • HPC: high performance computing. Generally refers to systems that perform parallel processes at a level above a teraflop or 1012 floating-point operations per second.
  • Customer: a person, or group to whom ARCC provides a service.

ARCC Policy Summary:

  • Account Policy: describes the procedure for establishing HPC accounts.
  • Allocation Policy: describes the protocols for awarding allocations.
  • Queuing Policy: describes the logic and structure of the queues on Mt. Moran.
  • Storage Policy: discusses the structure and protocols of the Bighorn storage system.


Global Service Levels
Global Service Levels is a Service Level Agreement that describes the general areas of support that are applicable to every ARCC service.