Getting a Yellowstone (NWSC/NCAR) Allocation

The collaboration between NCAR and the University of Wyoming makes a significant portion of the NCAR/Wyoming Supercomputer (NWSC) available to Wyoming led projects. Researchers can gain access to these resources by submitting an allocation request. There are two general types of allocations: small start-up or educational allocations, and large computing allocations.

Some question/answer shortcuts to get you started:

I'm new to NWSC, I need some introductory information.
As a user of the NWSC, what are my responsibilities?
What sorts of scientific endeavors are eligible for a University allocation from the NWSC?
How do I request a large allocation? How about a small one?

General submission format
  • Five-page request typically
  • Project information (title, lead, etc.)
  • Project overview and strategic linkages
  • Science objectives
  • Computational experiments and resource requirements (HPC, DAV, and storage)
Supporting information
  • Multi-year plan (if applicable)
  • Data management plan
  • Accomplishment report
  • References and additional figures
A few tips
  • Remember that your review audience is made up of computational geoscientists from national labs, universities and NCAR
  • Be sure to articulate relevance and linkages between funding award, computing project, eligibility criteria, and NWSC science objectives (as appropriate)
  • Don’t submit a science proposal but, don’t assume they are experts in your specialty either. The presumption is your science has already been reviewed.
  • Describe the science in detail sufficient to justify the computational experiments proposed. The Wyoming Resource Allocations Panel (WRAP) is not evaluating the science, but rather your need for computational resources to do the science.