ScienceDMZ AUP

Acceptable Use Policy
High Performance Research Data communications at the University of Wyoming is a valuable and limited resource that serves a select number of Research Projects and users. All users have the responsibility to make use of these resources in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner. The University of Wyoming Science Network (UWSN) provides access to resources on and off campus and shall be used in a manner consistent with the research and instructional objectives of the University community in general and with the purpose for which such use was intended. Such access is a privilege, and imposes upon users certain responsibilities and obligations. Access to all the University's computers and network services (not just UWSN) is granted subject to University policies, and local, state, and federal laws. Acceptable use is always ethical, reflects academic honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources. It demonstrates respect for intellectual property, protection of sensitive information, ownership of data, copyright laws, system security mechanisms, and individuals' rights to privacy and to freedom from intimidation and harassment. All activities inconsistent with these objectives are considered to be inappropriate and may jeopardize continued use of research networks.

In consideration of being allowed to use the University's Science Network services ("Resources"), I understand and agree to the following for myself and my research project:

  1. We shall not use the Resources for any illegal activity or for any activity prohibited by this policy (see subsequent pages for examples of inappropriate conduct that is prohibited).
  2. We agree not to use the Resources to infringe upon or otherwise impair, interfere with or violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights of another. This pertains to all copyrighted material, including, but not limited to music, video, software and data.
  3. We shall avoid any action that interferes with the efficient operation of the UWSN or impedes the flow of information necessary for research operations of the University.
  4. We shall ensure that no confidential data of any sort other than user IDs/encrypted passwords is ever placed on a computing resource connected to the UWSN.
  5. We shall protect computer resources such as user ID, logins and systems from unauthorized use. I acknowledge that I am responsible for reasonably securing my computer, including implementing such host based firewalls, protections as logins to prohibit unauthorized use, applying in a timely fashion operating system and software patches that protect my computer from hackers, and implementing virus scanning software where possible.
  6. We will access only information that is our own, which is publicly available, or to which access has been authorized. We will only access networks, network resources, and information for their intended use.
  7. We will not create or allow to be created links between the UWSN and any other network resource (such as the University campus network). No computing or network resources shall be connected to any network while that resource is connected to the UWSN.

Examples of Inappropriate Conduct:
Conduct which violates this policy includes, but is not limited to:

  • Accessing another person's computer, computer account, files, or data without permission.
  • Using the UWSN to gain unauthorized access to any computer system.
  • Using any means to decode or otherwise obtain restricted passwords or access control information.
  • Attempting to circumvent or subvert system or network security measures.
  • Engaging in any activity that might be purposefully harmful to systems or to any information stored thereon, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, damaging files or making unauthorized modifications to others data.
  • Performing any act, intentionally or otherwise, that will interfere with the normal operation of computers, peripherals, or networks.
  • Making or using illegal copies of copyrighted software, storing such copies on university systems, or transmitting them over university networks.
  • Saturating network resources to the exclusion of another's use, for example, overloading the network with traffic legitimate (file backup or archive) or malicious (denial of service attack) activities.
  • Using the UWSN for personal gain; for example, by performing work for profit with university resources in a manner not authorized by the University.
  • Engaging in any other activity that does not comply with the general principles presented above.
  • Creating “backdoor” paths between different networks to avoid security procedures of either network.

Results of Policy Violation:
Conduct which violates this policy may result, but is not limited to the following:

  • Disconnection of any offending system from the UWSN. Such disconnection will occur after the Researcher has been notified of the offense and given a reasonable time to remedy the problem.
  • Reporting of repeated offenses to University Administration and/or law enforcement agencies.