DMZ System Requirements

Specific computer hardware is required to access the UWSN at the appropriate speed; generally targeting but not limited to high performance workstations, servers, and performance driven storage arrays capable of large data volume ingress/egress at the storage level. A 10GbE network enables a theoretical bandwidth of 1.25 GBps while a traditional SATA III hard drive supports an approximate 550 MBps rate which does not satisfy the network throughput target. Therefore current computer equipment upgrades or replacements may be required.

The following is a suggested hardware list for a system:

  • A workstation with an available PCIe 2.0 x8 slot
  • 1/10GbE Network Card – This may be either copper or fiber optic
  • Storage system capable of high bandwidth transfers
    • Array of SATA/SSD disks/ Array of SATA/SAS based HDD or SSD disks
    • High performance RAMFS configuration
    • DIMM-based or PCIe-based flash storage

Traditional file transfer protocols and applications (SCP, SFTP, rsync, etc.) generally do not support the increased bandwidth available to users on the UWSN.
Two protocols commonly used to move large datasets over high-bandwidth networks are:

Both a local workstation and the remote data source will need matching software. The Research Computing support team provides consulting on system requirements, appropriate software, and optimized configurations. They should be consulted before ordering any new hardware/software that will be connect to the UWSN.