Mount Moran

System Overview
Mount Moran is an System X cluster that is designed to be a general UW facility with the following characteristics:

  • Versatile, flexible, adaptable
  • Organic/scaleable
  • Secure
  • Globally accessible

The infrastructure hardware (racks, network, cooling, power, etc.) is intended to meet the needs of the entire cluster as it grows over time. These elements were designed to give the cluster as much capacity for growth as possible.

Node Type
Node Count
Thin 150 64
Fat 134 128
Mount Moran currently has 34 nodes with GPU's. The GPU nodes support 2 nVidia K20 or K20x GPU's each.

All 284 nodes have two, 8-core Intel E5-2670 (Sandy Bridge) or Intel E5-xxxx (Ivy Bridge) processors. Bighorn provides Mount Moran over 400 TB of raw storage.

Buy In
Mount Moran was built as a condo cluster to provide a basic level of service to all UW researchers, but was also designed to allow hardware investments from researchers who have projects that need more compute power.

System Usage Metrics:

Guide to Mount Moran

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