Two Factor Security

This article is a summary of the two-factor security procedures at UW and with specific notes on how to use them to gain access to ARCC resources.

What is Two-Factor (aka: 2f) authentication?
Two-factor adds another layer of security to the login process. The first factor is your username and password (referred to as the "Something-you-know" layer). The second factor, the "Something-you-have" layer, involves providing a one-time password via a Yubikey or a mobile device.

Getting Started

Two-Factor Authentication at the University of Wyoming
This is a general discussion of how to enroll and setup a device for use with two-factor, and how to use Duo to authenticate.

Installing Pulse Secure client
For Mac and Windows:

One-time password generation
Also called a key fobs, or hardware tokens, etc, Yubikeys are brand of small USB devices that return a one-time passcode when pressed.
Further reading on Security tokens

Yubikeys for accessing Mount Moran can be requested here:

Mobile devices
Mobile devices such iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc use an app called Duo Mobile to provide two-factor.

Using two-factor
Using two-factor with PulseSecure:

Using two-factor with Mount Moran: