UW Science DMZ

Welcome to the UW Science DMZ

The University of Wyoming (UW) Science Network (UWSN) is the campus implementation of the science DMZ principle. The guiding principle behind UWSN is that the campus research community should be able to optimize their access to other research entities, data stores and computing resources specific to the needs of their individual projects. To accomplish this they must overcome barriers of bandwidth constraint, high-latency, or the restrictions of an active security perimeter and be provisioned with the most efficient network possible.  

A "Science DMZ" ("science demilitarized zone") is a portion of a larger network that has been configured and optimized for high-volume bulk data transfer, remote experiment control, and data visualization for high-performance science applications. A science DMZ should be scalable, incrementally deployable, and adaptable to new technologies. In order to achieve the maximum speed and throughput possible, the UW implementation of the science DMZ model avoids the regular campus exit architecture, and is neither restricted nor protected by the campus firewalls.


Access to the UW Science Network (UWSN) is governed by the UW Science Network Steering Committee. The Principal Investigator (PI) of a research group which has been granted access to the UWSN is required to submit an annual short (1/2 page) report to the Steering Committee discussing the research, accomplishments and how access to the UWSN has been beneficial to achieving research goals and milestones.

If selected to receive a UWSN network connection a network port will need to exist or be installed in research groups offices/labs that will support at least 1Gbps network speed. For systems that require additional bandwidth (i.e.,10Gbps) access either a new port using copper wire will need to be installed or a new fiber optic port will be needed for those systems which may be too far from a network access point that supports 10Gbps.

Research groups chosen as UWSN participants in the first round of access to the UWSN also have access a pool of money set aside for new network ports capable of supporting higher speeds if such ports do not currently exist. After that pool of funds is exhausted the individual researchers/departments will be responsible for any costs for new wiring. The cost of connection beyond wiring and host based adapters, including new switches, backbone cable, etc, will be born by the UWSN project.

To apply to have equipment put in the Science DMZ, please read the Acceptable Use Policy and fill out the UWSN-Application. Please send the completed form to dmz-alloc@uwyo.edu.