ARCC Supported Systems

Currently the University of Wyoming has a number of high performance research computers. Only a few of them are directly controlled or supported by ARCC. Cluster owners/managers who wish to discuss having ARCC take over management of a cluster should contact
Mount Moran is a 146.36 Tflop (double precision) cluster serving the University of Wyoming. Unlike many of it's peers on campus, Moran is a general purpose, condominium cluster providing service to all research interests on campus. Read More ยป
Bighorn is a centralized high performance storage system for high performance computing at the University of Wyoming. Primarily serving Moran, Bighorn also provides storage to satellite clusters on campus.
While Bighorn is available/accessible from individual workstations, it is only intended to be used for storage of data related to specific high performance research projects.
EORI2 is a 1.84 Tflops cluster that consists of:
- 18 compute nodes with 48GB of ram, a single 80 or 146 GB drive.
- 1 Master node with 24 GB of ram and Dual, mirrored 300 GB drives.
- Dual Gig networks, one connected to the campus network, the other is a private inter-cluster network
- Infiniband QDR network between master and compute nodes for high performance message passing in two HP c7000 Blade Chassis's.
- Two NetApp FAS270 storage arrays, with 8TB and 12TB of storage. These arrays are available to the cluster and to remote users from their office workstations.

EORI2 is owned by the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute.