C Programming Language


The section describes the usage of the C language. The C programming language is widely used in supercomputing enviroments. The language facilitates close interation with hardware giving the programming very broad control of an application. While C has been considered more of a system programming language rather than a mathematical language, it is gaining popularity with the advancements in heterogeneous computing. The language is considered to be an imperative language which facilitates the usage of static type system and a structured programming environment.

  • C Programming Language Semantics describes the data types, constructs and flow control, and small demonstrations which contain examples and snippets to help you become familiar with the basics of the language and how to compile programs.

  • C Programming Language Parallelization Techniques shows examples on how to make simple parallel programs in an effort to help programmers become familiar with parallel operations and their usage.

  • C Programming Language User Examples are planned to be examples submitted by users of UW HPC systems and should include numerical solvers, file type examples, and science specific examples.