Globus Online

Globus Online allows for file transfers to take place over the web or between two machines. It is great for large files and for institutional clusters and networks. Files can be transferred from Mount Moran/BigHorn to other places accessible from the web.

Globus is optimized for sending large files and archives over a the grid. The service is significantly faster than scp or rsync. All large file transfers targetted as such should be done using Globus Online.

Globus Advantages:
- Do not have to monitor
- Accelerated transfer rates
- Links to major HPC sites around the globe (ORNL, TACC, NCAR, etc.)

Globus Online Homepage
See also the Globus Connect page to download the client, etc.

To utilize Globus Online with ARCC Resources and other common ones, the following public Globus Endpoints can be used:

Machine Name Endpoint Name
Bighorn (Mount Moran HPS system) arcc#bighorn
NCAR-Yellowstone (XSEDE) ncar#gridftp
dtn01 (University of Utah) uofuchpc#dtn01
CI-Water project uofuciwater#dtn01